Q. What forms to people have to sign?

Volunteers who work with children – sign a Volunteer Declaration

 Paid employees – sign a Declaration & Consent form

Q. How long does the club keep the forms for?

All forms should be kept in a secure place for 3 years from date of signing.

Q. What if someone who is self employed comes to coach or work at our club?

Your club should request the person provide a copy of their Certificate for Self Employed People before they are allowed to coach, supervise or work with children.

Q. Why do people have to sign the forms?

People are not permitted to volunteer or work with children if they have not signed the appropriate forms. It is a legal  requirement under the Working With Children Check Child Protection (Prohibited Employment) Act 1998 and the Commission for Children and Young People Act 1998.  The forms help prevent known child offenders from working in a sport in a voluntary or paid capacity.

Q. What if a person refuses to sign a form?

They cannot be offered a position or allowed to volunteer or work with children.

You cannot make a person sign a form or ask why a person refuses to sign a form but they cannot volunteer or work with children if they have not signed the appropriate form.

Q. Do adult players have to sign a form if there is a person U18 in the team?

No, players do not sign the WWCC forms as they are not employed to work with or volunteer to work with children or directly supervise children.   The club and team officials however should be mindful of the varying ages of their players and ensure they are appropriatetly supervised and that younger players are not subjected to inappropriate behaviours by other players in the team.

Q. Do committee members or canteen managers sign the forms?

Yes, where there are juniors players (U18) at a club the committee/canteen manager should sign an appropriate WWCC form as these people would be considered to be in a supervisory position or position of authority. They would sign the Volunteer Declaration or Declaration and Consent form if they are paid.

Q. What if I see someone physically abuse or hurt a child but that person is not an employee or volunteer at the club?

This offence can be reported to the Child Protection hotline on 132 111 (24 hrs).  If the offender is a member of the club then the club can take disciplinary action as the abuse of children is unacceptable. The club can also report the incident to the Child Protection hotline on 132 111.   Reports to the hotline can be made in person or anonymously. For more information click here

NOTE: The club does not submit this incident as a reportable offence under the Working With Children Check as the WWCC reportable offences only apply to volunteers and paid people who work at the club.